Cycle 1

Am Gebai vum Cycle 1 si folgend Klassen:

- Cycle 1 Précoce: LAMESCH Danielle

- Cycle 1A: PLETSCHETTE Simone

- Cycle 1B: DECOMPTE Audrey

- Cycle 1C: WIRTZ Catherine

- GROSCH Chantal

Cycle 2

- Cycle 2.1A: HALSDORF Nadine

- Cycle 2.1B: HERBER Isabelle

- Cycle 2.2A: DALEIDEN Véronique

- Cycle 2.2B: HOFFMANN Nathalie

- BRUNETTI Claudio

Cycle 3

- Cycle 3.1A: ERNZER Claude

- Cycle 3.1B: ZEWEN Christine

- Cycle 3.2A: HALSDOR Linda

- Cycle 3.2B: LELONG Philippe

- WAGENER Marnie

Cycle 4

- Cycle 4.1A: EVERS Marielle

- Cycle 4.1B: WIROTH Valéroe

- Cycle 4.2: FORSTER BEn

- SCHILTZ Laurent

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