Oli.education.lu School Website Manager

The website you were visiting has been created using the Oli.education.lu School Website Manager, a Content Management System (CMS) designed especially for schools and education, allowing teachers and school administrations to build their own, dynamic websites without having to use any HTML, CSS or Javascript code. It is offered as a free tool by the Ministry of Education and the CGIE in Luxembourg, and it is available as part of the Oli.education.lu e-Learning Platform.


The School Website Manager offers a number of powerful features:
  • Instant creation of Websites for schools, classrooms, libraries, etc
  • Access via IAM, integration with the Scolaria DB
  • Unlimited number of sites, pages, and files for each school
  • Template and page creation without any coding
  • Inline editing and instant publishing
  • Integration of Virtual Classroom news, data and media
  • Optional password protection and security mechanisms


The School Website Manager is accessible via the Oli.education.lu Platform, and it can be used by all teachers in Luxembourg via IAM Login.